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In the Handelsblatt 2023 “Best Lawyers” ranking, colleagues Manfred Confurius (labor law, company pension scheme) and Justus Leddin (employment law) were listed

Secretly, quietly and quietly, the German Bundestag passed a law on December 22, 2020 that opens up the opportunity for a rent

While many companies currently have to register short-time work, others can hardly find enough staff. This discrepancy is currently giving rise to

The OECD is sounding the alarm. The coronavirus threatens to deal an additional blow to the global economy, already weakened by trade

COMMERCIAL TENANCY LAW In March 2015, the Federal Court of Justice for residential tenancy law decided that the standard passing on of

BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ LIABILITY (Section 93 AktG [German Stock Corporation Act]): In its judgement dated 12/10/2016, the Federal Court of Justice raised

According to a judgement handed down by the Federal Labour Court dated 02/11/2016 – 10 AZR 596/15, press release no. 59/16, an

A consumer-friendly ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) gives numerous private borrowers the opportunity to revoke these contracts. In its

Previously, when dismissing a severely disabled person within the first six months of an employment relationship, no special requirements had to be

HAMBURG HANSEATIC HIGHER REGIONAL COURT 13/07/2016 (6 U 152/11) HANDS DOWN FURTHER JUDGEMENT: Russian court rulings are not recognised or enforceable in

Even after a three-year interruption of the employment relationship, temporary appointments are only permissible if there is a material reason for them.

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