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More than mere claims settlement

Many goods are transported worldwide every day. Hamburg has the largest German port and, with its mature infrastructure, it is indisputably Germany’s logistics capital. Here, you will find the highest density and number of freight forwarding businesses that distribute the flow of goods from overseas to the mainland as well as Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. At the same time, the Port of Hamburg offers exporting countries such as Germany a gateway for its shipments throughout the world. Without a functioning transport industry, Germany would not be able to compete internationally.

Our work focuses on advice and representation in all matters of transport, freight forwarding and logistics and related aspects under insurance law. It also includes involvement in problems relating to customs or representation regarding penalties and fines related to transport law.

Our specialist knowledge is firstly based on our many years of experience in representing major freight forwarding companies, storage companies and shippers, insurance companies and insurance brokers and, secondly, on continuous further education and holding regular discussions with colleagues, judges and experts at transport law conventions.

We also provide assistance in:

  • Structuring and concluding freight forwarding, freight, warehousing and logistics agreements
  • Proceedings before state and arbitration courts in the area of freight forwarder and carrier liability, debt collection, enforcement and defence of recourse claims, and claims settlement
  • Transport-specific penalty and fine matters
  • Solving problems under customs legislation
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